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We’d like to introduce our new brand: Mr. Rice. Mr. Rice embodies a sense of convenience, warmth, and comfort while upholding a high-end, luxurious standard of quality. Imagine indulging in a deluxe selection of dishes from the comfort of your own home after a long day of meeting the demands of your life. Every small touch, from the toppings to the beautiful packaging, is detail-centered to create a sincere and exclusive brand. Our dishes are rooted in the rich history and culture of Asia with intentional touches of contemporary cuisine. Made from quality ingredients and delicious taste, dishes like our VIP Braised Beef Ribs, Sweet Glazed Chicken Teriyaki, Fire Dragon Pork Rice Bowl, Rich Buttery SalmonTeriyaki Rice Bowl, Crispy Crunch Pork Belly Rice Bowl, Crazy Tender Beef Rice Bowl (and Many More) provide each of our customers with the nutrients and comfort they are looking for. Join our story of developing the “VIP Food on the Go” concept in the cuisine world and enjoy the perfect combination of convenience and luxury. Pamper yourself with Mr. Rice!

Asian food to go

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